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Factory Information

Kapset Tea Factory Co. Ltd was commissioned in 1981 to manufacture Black C.T.C. Tea with an annual installed processing capacity of 8 million Kgs green leaf. The processing capacity has been expanded and is currently at 15 million Kgs annually.

The capacity has been enhanced through modernization and construction of Rorok satellite factory to cater for the improved green leaf production, which has since risen to 36 million kgs annually. It has a total of 7,190 registered growers with 14,832,978 Tea bushes under 1,483.3 Hectares.

Kapset lies at an altitude of about 1979m, latitude 00032’35.6”S and longitude-35015’06.3”E. Long rains are experienced between March and August; short rains in October to December with long sunny hours. Mau Forest to the eastern part, Maasai Mara game reserve to the southern part and Lake Victoria to the western part.

Kapset Manufactures Black C.T.C. Tea which is sold through the Mombasa Auction, Kenya Tea Packers Ltd, Direct Sales overseas and sold locally to growers as Factory Door Sales.
Kapset Tea factory falls within KTDA administrative Region V- Litein and is located in Kimulot Location, Kimulot Division of Konoin Sub County in Bomet County. It is situated 35 Km from Kericho town through Kericho-Sotik Road and 304 Km from Nairobi.



William K. Tonui- vice Chairman  John Cheruiyot  Paul Koech
Stanely C. Kirui Caroline Mitei G.K Godana- Regional Manager
Raymond Milgo Samwel Tonui- Board Member

Contact Details


Email Contacts: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Telephone Contacts: +254-020-2342943

Factory Information

Rorok Tea Factory is a satellite of Kapset Tea Factory and falls within the KTDA administrative Region V. It is situated in Kaptebengwet Location, Mogogosiek sub-county, Bomet County in the great Rift Valley of Kenya. It is about 50 kms from Kericho town and 320 kms south-west of Nairobi. Its GPS coordinates are 0°34'60" N 35°19'0" E.

The factory lies at the edge of world famous Mau Forest complex which is arguably Africa’s largest water tower. The Mau Forest is also home to numerous natural tree
species and wildlife. Rorok Tea factory thus enjoys cool and wet climatic conditions.

Rorok Tea Factory was commissioned in 2007 to manufacture black CTC tea with an installed annual processing capacity of 10 million kgs of green leaf. The catchment area has around 6,750 registered tea growers with a total of 3552 acres under tea giving an average farm size of 0.5 acres.

The current productivity level is about 1,776 Kgs of Made Tea per hectare. There is potential for higher tea production per unit area with improved crop husbandry. The factory has revolutionized the agricultural extension services through the adoption of group based learning programmes popularly known as Farmer field schools.

The factory produces six tea grades, namely, BPI, PFI, PD, DI, FI and DUST. About 95% of this tea is for the export market.

Rorok Tea Factory is governed by a Board of Directors elected by grower shareholders of the parent Kapset Tea Factory Company Limited. The directors are responsible for governance and policy making.

The day to day management of the factory operations and technical responsibilities are discharged by Kenya Tea Development Agency Ltd. through a management agreement with the Factory board.

Contact Details

Telephone: 0724 5397 41 | 0773 773 200 | 0731 406 842 |020 234 2943
Postal address: P.O BOX 1186 Kericho
Email: info@This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Factory Information

Kapkoros Tea Factory Co. Ltd. was incorporated under the Companies Act (Cap 486) by registrar of companies on 11th February 1977 and construction work started the same year.  It was commissioned in 1976 by the late his Excellency President Jomo Kenyatta to serve the then emerging small scale tea farmers in the region of the then Bomet District.

The factory is situated in Rift Valley Province, Bomet County, Bomet Central Division, Sibaiyan Location, Sibaiyan sub-location of Bomet Central constituency.   The factory  is situated 15 Km from Bomet town off Bomet – Litein road and some 344 Km from Nairobi at an altitude of between 1540-2100m above sea level.  The factory can be reached easily from Bomet within a short time since it is well served with all weather roads.  

One can also reach Kapkoros from Nairobi within three hours.  Kapkoros Factory has one of the largest catchment in the county with a radius of about 70kms.  This extensive catchment VIS-a-Vis the increased tea production over the last 5 years necessitated the introduction of 2 high capacity CTCs and three driers.

The Factory has a fleet of 13 vehicles.  A proactive approach in the fleet modernisation and improvement is being implemented.  The Factory Board has adopted a five year replacement policy for the fleet which would ensure that the leaf collection operation efficiency is improved.

Kapkoros enjoys bi-modal type of rainfall that enhances two cropping seasons. The long rains seasons runs from February/March to June and short rains from August to November/December. The annual rainfall ranges between 1020mm and 1550mm with mean temperature of 16.20C to 21.60C.

The company is a limited liability company with a Board of directors elected directly by the shareholders.  The Board authors corporate policies governing the conduct of company business.  Basic operational unit is the leaf collection centre owned by a group of growers within a locality: The daily affairs of the centre are governed by a five member committee popularly elected by the affiliated tea growers.

Seven  catchments areas namely: Sibaiyan, Ndarawetta, Chesoen/Kamogoso, Singorwet, Kiromwok and Chemaner & Olenguruone.



Samuel Tonui  G.K Godana  Eric Langat
William Chirchir   Baxon Sigilai    Harriet C. Korir
  Richard L. Koskei   Geoffrey Cheruiyot Koskei    Justus Kiprotich Yegon
  Daniel K. Mugo -FUM



Factory Information

Tirgaga Factory originated from Kapkoros and was built in 2003.It started operations on17th August 2006 on trial basis but gradually became fully operational in month of September 2006. It was commissioned for operations on 12th May 2007. Tirgaga Tea Factory serves 15019  active growers. Tirgaga Tea Factory Co. Ltd is one of the KTDA managed factories. It is situated in Kabusare Sub-location, Ndarawetta Location, Bomet central division in Bomet County.Tirgaga Tea Factory falls within KTDA administrative Region .Tirgaga tea factory site lies 35° E and 0.75° S. the altitude is 2,200m A.S.L surrounded by Mau forest to the East and Maasai Mara to the South.

It situated South East of Nairobi and is about 255Km.Tirgaga  Tea  Factory  catchments  experiences  equatorial  kind  of  climate  which  is generally warm. The place receives a maximum amount of rainfall ranging from 1500 mm to 1750mm p.a. The area has red volcanic soils that are deep and well drained of PH range 4-6.It occupies an area of 12.7

Acres of land under land registration number Kericho/Ndarawetta /2208 and is located on the boundary of Aisaik and Kabusare Sub Location of Singorwet and Ndarawetta location respectively in Bomet Central Division of Bomet county of Rift Valley Region.The distance from Kapkoros through the Aisaik to Tirgaga is about 11Km of which 8Km is tarmac while 3Km is murramed, and 9Km from Bomet town and 255 Km from Nairobi off Narok-Kisii road..Assam tea is grown widely by farmers of Tirgaga. Among the other clones grown include the following: Clone 51, 15/10, 31/8, TN 14/3, SFS 303/577, and BB35.

Tirgaga  Tea  Factory  catchments  experiences  equatorial  kind  of  climate  which  is generally warm. The place receives a maximum amount of rainfall ranging from 1500 mm to 1750mm p.a. The area has red volcanic soils that are deep and well drained of PH range 4-6.

The Factory is headed by  the Factory Unit Manager, Who oversees all the operations of the company covering factory operations, leaf collection logistics, extension services, information and communication technology and accounting. Below the factory unit manager are line managers as per the company organization structure chart. Tirgaga Tea Factory Co. Ltd aims at being the leading tea processing Factory of high Quality and Safe Black Made Tea both locally and internationally.

Tirgaga Tea Factory Co. Ltd exists to benefit small scale tea growers and other stake holders. The bench mark of our business is customer satisfaction through Quality and Safe made tea processing that adds value to small scale tea production and a sense of pride to stakeholders. That is the key to fulfilling our ultimate obligation to provide consistently attractive returns that exceed expectations of the shareholders.

Tirgaga sells the following grades of tea: Primary grades-BP1,PF1 PD,D1,TMF. Secondary grades:F1,Dust.

The scope of Tirgaga tea Factory Integrated Management Systems for ISO 90001:2008 is     provision of Agricultural Services, reception of green leaf, Manufacture ,Packing and Dispatch of Made tea, while for ISO 22000:2005 the scope excludes provision of Agriculture services but includes all other 9001:2008

We have integrated training of our farmers on sustainable practices(RA),Farmers field schools extension methodology and adaptea climate change migration systems.
We have also put in place budgetary provisions for training on sustainable activities year
round in our faction catchment set up.

Contact Details

Postal Address: P.O BOX 5 Bomet
Telephone: 0202342944 CODE 20400
 Email: iThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Factory Information

Kaptumo Tea Factory’s construction works began in September 2006. The factory was completed in June 2009. The first trial run was done on 31st July  2009. It is a satellite of Chebut Tea Factory Company Limited.

The factory is managed by a board of directors who are elected by farmers (share holders affiliated to Chebut Tea Factory CO.LTD) representing  6 electoral zones. The zones are: Kaptumo Tea Factory is located in Kaptumo location,Kaptumo division, Nandi South District, Nandi county. This is about  85 Kilometers from Eldoret town along the Kapsabet-Kobujoi-Chavakali road.

It is approximately 340 kms West of Nairobi. The factory can be accessed from Eldoret and Kisumu within a short time since it is well served by all weather roads, with Eldoret and KIsumu Airports only 45 minutes and one and half hours away respectively.

Within Kaptumo Catchment there is the famous River Yala that is located to the South West. While driving from Nandi Hills towards Kapsabet, one enjoys beautiful scenery  of lush green tea fields and the un-dulating Nandi Hills, with Kaptumo Tea Factory being located at the foot of the hills. In the East of Kapsabet Catchment is the famous Nandi Escarpment that separates the Kano Plains from the Highlands.

Altitude is 2000m above sea level. This is an ideal environment that is sunny and wet for tea growing. Kaptumo enjoys cool climate for most part of the year apart from January, February and March. It receives above average rainfall annually with the temperature ranging from 18c to 25c.

Kakamega forest which is part of the only equatorial forest extending from Cameroon-Congo basin is only an hours drive from the factory. The factory is designed to comfortably handle 15 Million kilograms of tea leaf annually.

The Factory is certified with requirements of ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 22000:2005. It is also  Rain Forest Alliance (Sustainable Agriculture requirements) certified among others required for The Food processing and manufacturing factory. The factory is also certified with Fair Trade. The factory has about 4800 growers with  a total of about 15,783,000bushes under an estimated area of 3953 acres under tea plantation.


Contact Details


Postal Address: P.O BOX, 513, 30300 Kapsabet- Kenya
Telephone: 254-020-2342928| 07174134573| 0722 835350
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Factory Information

Kapsara Tea Factory is a factory with two production lines, serving 2,024 registered growers from within its catchments. The catchment area is estimated to be 464 hectares with approximately 4.5m tea bushes with an average production of 0.85 kilograms per bush. The factory lies on a 20 acre piece of land.

The factory also handles a further 121 hectares from Nyayo Tea Zones which have got about 1,200,000 tea bushes. These are located in Kapsokwony on the slopes of MT. Elgon and Kapcherop in Marakwet district. It is the only tea factory in the entire Transnzoia county and its catchment .It  covers over 4 counties(Transnzoia, Westpokot,Bungoma and Elgeyo Marakwet counties.)

The factory specializes in the production of Black CTC tea

While at Kapsara, one can enjoy the view of Mt. Elgon and the Cheranganyi hills, two of the five water towers of Kenya. River Nzoia snakes past as it forms the lower boundary of the factory land. A stone thow away is the Saiwa swamp where one can enjoy nature trail and see the rare water antelope- sitatunga. The renown Kapenguria heroes cells where top Kenyan politicians were incarcerated during the fight for independence are just 20km away.




David W. Sifunah- Chairman John Gicheru Waweru - Vice Chairman Javan Mukavale- Board Member
Stephen Kibarabara Mbatia David J. Inyundo John Kemboi Kiborom 
Lucy Doyi Kihamba Stephen Maara Njinju

Contact Details

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Telephone: 0717 725352 |0723 219533

Factory Information

Olenguruone Tea Factory is situated in Nakuru County. Olenguruone tea factory, a satellite of Kapkoros, was constructed back in August 2013. Full operations commenced in October 2013 after test/trial runs.

Before then, all the leaf belonging to farmers affiliated to Olenguruone was delivered to a privately owned factory called Kiptagich as out-growers and the rest was diverted to Kapkoros.

The idea of construction of this factory was born out of the problems Kapkoros was experiencing in bringing in this leaf from there through the Mau forest.  Kiptagich would occasionally refuse to take in GL alleging they were at full capacity.

Initially, there was an assumption that green leaf intake would remain the same for a longer time or increase gradually hence the installation of only one line. There is a provision for a second line though.

It was also apparently becoming difficult to convince the growers to bring green leaf to the factory due to the following challenges;
•    Strict leaf quality policy.
•    Deliberate misinformation by Kiptagich factory staff for fear of losing crop.
•    Lack of understanding in ownership by farmers.
•    Poor roads
•    Leaf hawking

Olenguruone Tea Factory Specifically sells Black CTC teas at the Mombasa Auction and at the Factory Door to Farmers.  It produces four (4) Primary Grades of Black CTC  and two(2) secondary Grades teas namely:- BP1, PF1, PD, DI,  F1(Secondary),  Dust(Secondary)

The  Location of the Factory is 0.580 S, 35.50 E.  The Altitude is approximately 2450m above sea level.  It is situated in Chebotoi Sub-location, Kiptagich Location, and Olenguruone Division of Nakuru County.  Its approximately 120Kms (single journey) from Nakuru town through Nakuru-Molo-Olenguruone-Kiptagich road.

Contact Details

Email:- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Telephone:- 0202050395 | 0713 610737

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