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Factory Information

Njunu Tea Factory   was commissioned in 1979, with an installed capacity of 15 Million Kgs/annum. The Factory is located in Thika District of Central Province.  It is situated along Thika - Gatanga Road about 37 kms West of Thika and approximately 78 Kms from Nairobi City of Kenya.The area under which the factory lies is about 10 acres of land with a catchment area of 1157.19 Hectares of land under tea.

Climatically it lies in upper middle altitude an altitude range of 1920 meters above sea level and longitude of 360 53’E and latitude of 00. 47’S with the soil type marginally varying as well drained, deep, dark, red to yellowish red friable to firm, sandy clay with humic acid soil i.e. Humic Acrisols on tertiary as basic igneous rocks.

Approaching the factory from Thika town side is the Great famous Ndakaini Dam from which Nairobi Town and Environs get fresh water supply.  The Dam gets its water from the scenic Aberdare Ranges with the Aberdare Forest. This has the horizon with naturally designed ranges green from the earth with intertwining carpet strips of green tea bushes within.

Mount Kenya together with the Aberdare Ranges makes Njunu catchment receive rainfall almost thoughout the year. In the Aberdare Ranges, there are Elephants, Buffalos and Monkeys. The average daily temperatures are about 260C which enables attainment of withers by applying minimum steam. The withers bring out full cup qualities of black tea. Attaining a balanced cup in terms of liquor comes without much struggle. Tea picking is done manually which boosts the accuracy of picking good quality tea. The catchment still has vast area yet to be exploited with a rich store of nutrients conducive for tea growing.  



Charles K. Kamau- Chairman  Peter M. Mahugu- Vice Chairman  Rewel Thuri Kamau
 David N. Kagira  Edward M. Mwarangu  Eliud Kamau Stanley
 Erastus Gakuya- Board Member

Contact Details


Postal Address: P.O BOX 642, Thika
Telephone: 0723 156368 | 020- 3542554 | 020- 23142921
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


KTDA Farmers Building, Moi Avenue
P.O Box 30213, 00100 Nairobi, Kenya    
254 - 020 3227000 - 2 / 2221441 - 4

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