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Factory Information

The Factory is situated in Nguviu sub-Location, Nginda Location, Manyatta division of Embu District in Eastern province. It lies 16km from Embu town. The factory lies 0.5º South of Equator and 37º East of Greenwich. The factory falls under high altitude areas below Mt Kenya forest and is 1825 metres above sea level. The factory is approximately 157 km from Nairobi towards North Eastern of the country.

The construction of the Factory started in 1999 and was completed in July 2002. It started processing tea in December 2002. It is one of the three factories in Embu District, and among 8 Factories in KTDA region 3. The factory was officially opened by His Excellency Hon Mwai Kibaki C.G.H. MP President and Commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kenya on 24th October 2004.

The factory has two processing lines with a design capacity of 10 million kgs green leaf per year. However, it has provision for expansion to three lines or 15 million kgs. The highest crop ever processed in a year was 14,933,815 kgs in 2013/2014.

The Registered number of active growers is 8,045. The acreage under tea is 1190.60 hectares. These figures are set to increase as there is a potential area covering 1672 hectares. The total distance covered within the whole catchment is around 151 kms with the furthest tea buying centre being 12 kms.The breed grown is clonal teas of assamica variety. Some of these clones include 6/8, 31/8, 15/10 and other mixed clones.

The factory can be accessed from Embu through the following roads: Embu – Kibugu market - Kathangariri (partly gravelled),  Embu – Kangaru - Mukangu - Kathangariri. (gravelled), Embu – Manyatta market - Kairuri Market -Kathangariri (gravelled)

Mt.Kenya is the main natural feature in the area. However the area is drained by many rivers such as Ruvingazi, Nyanjara, Kii, Thambana and Kapingazi all of which drain to river Tana.The environment around the factory is depicted by cool wet climate. Temperatures are moderate ranging from 14 C to 25 C. The average annual rainfall of received is 1800mm per annum. The catchment has deep volcanic soils of the Nitosol type.

The Factory is best known for: making the high quality Made tea in the region and has remained in the top ten positions in market ranking among all KTDA managed factories.

Kathangariri Tea factory is ISO 9001:2008, ISO22000:2005 and Rainforest Alliance certified.



Lawrence M. Njeru- Chairman John M. Njeru- Vice Chairman Johnson C. Mwaniki
 Abiud Mugo Eston  Harrison Mwaniki Njeru  James M. Mugo
 Phyllis Ruguru Munyi

Contact Details

Postal Address: P.O BOX 420(60100) –EMBU
Email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Telephone: 020 2164015 | 0725-161507


KTDA Farmers Building, Moi Avenue
P.O Box 30213, 00100 Nairobi, Kenya    
254 - 020 3227000 - 2 / 2221441 - 4

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