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Factory Information

The factory was commissioned in 1982 to manufacture black C.T.C. tea with an annual installed processing capacity of 8 million Kgs green leaf. To date the capacity has been enhanced and is currently at 15 million Kgs annually. Processing capacity has been enhanced through modernization to cater for the improved green leaf production.  Currently, the factory is serving 24,096 small scale growers. Natural black tea with no additives / chemicals.

The mode of tea processing in the factory is C.T.C. (Cut, Tear and Curl), which realizes four primary grades and three secondary grades namely:
Primary grades include ;Broken Pekoe (BP1), Pekoe Fanning 1 (PF1), Pekoe Dust (PD) and Dust Secondary grades :Fanning 1 (F1) , Dust (D) and Broken Mixed Fanning (BMF)

The tea processed at Tombe factory is marketed through the following channels: - Mombasa Auction 82.73% , Direct Sales Over Seas11.48% , Direct Sales Local 1.61% ,

Factory Door Sales     1.49% , KETEPA  2.68%.

Tombe Tea Factory falls within KTDA Administrative Region VI and is located in Tombe Market, Bonyamondo sub-location, Manga divison, Manga District in Nyamira County.  It is some 370 Kms from Nairobi.  It is accessed through Kisii Magombo road.  It is between coordinates 340 52.511’E,00 39.316’s at an altitude of 2017 meters above sea level.



Wilfred Nyakundi- Chairman David Michieka - Vice Chairman James N. Achoki- Board Member
Boaz Ochanda Osoro Richard Oboso George Misati
 Mary Saiti  Nathan Kirera- Regional Manager


KTDA Farmers Building, Moi Avenue
P.O Box 30213, 00100 Nairobi, Kenya    
254 - 020 3227000 - 2 / 2221441 - 4

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