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Ndima, Kangaita, Mununga, Kimunye,Thumaita, Kathangariri, Mungania, Rukuriri

Tucked miles away from the bustling concrete jungle that is Nairobi, the tea estates are found deep within Meru, Embu and Kirinyaga counties. These tea gardens are located in the vicinity of Mt. Kenya, the country’s highest snowcapped mountain hence the name. The snow covered mountain provides a breath taking back drop to the tea estates especially in the morning. The Southern tea belt covers Kirinyaga and parts of Embu districts, while the Northern wing is home to the southern and central Meru tea belts as well as the adjoining parts of Embu at an altitude of 1500-2200 meters above the sea level.

The soils are volcanic and vary in depth and are composed of loan and clay. These soils combine with the well distributed rainfall and temperatures to support the growth of a tea bush that escalates to a distinctive tea palate with unique characteristics holding full cup depth.


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