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Chebut, Kaptumo, MudeteKapsara,Olenguruone

It is often said that high tea is grown at Cherangany and a cup of Cherangany tea will leave one feeling like royalty at four 0’clock tea. Cherangany teas are fabulously unique in nature. They are the product of the mineral rich ‘red volcanic’ soils of Cherangany hills combined with the pristine climate and well distributed rainfall which contributes to a splendid unique cup color with a distinctive queenly flavour.

Growing at an altitude of 1500-2200 meters above sea level, in well drained, moderately deep, reddish brown loam soils and a weather pattern influenced by the hills and nearby Mt.Elgon. Cherangany teas are truly a robust blend. The tea cup has a golden hue, full body and pleasant scent tangled up in this quaint flavor.

Located on the western part of Kenya, along the equator and in the neighborhood of the equatorial Kakamega forest are the Nandi hills tea estates which stand at 1550-2200 meters above sea level.

Tea from this region is intense and exotically unique. Much like the inhabitants of the Nandi hills, the framed Nandi people are known as warriors from the days of old and have on a large part remained true to their traditional roots. Their warrior ways have endured and are evident on a world stage, The Nandi hills tea catchment is the home and birth place of the most of the record shattering Kenyan athletes!

The mineral rich drained, extremely deep red volcanic soils and well distributed rainfall blind with the amazingly warm weather, coupled with the distinctive features of indigenous forest to produce teas of splendid uniqueness. This gives them deep golden hue, rich body and mild flavor.

The Kakamega Forest  catchment grows at an altitude range of 1600 to 2000 meters above sea level.The influence of the equatorial climate combined with the well drained, very deep volcanic soils and the warm weather pattern a geographic trait of low altitudes gives rise to a tea bush that gives a unique and complex brew of tea with distinctive liquor with a golden pink tinge, full body, full scent and subtle flavour visit to the pristine Mudete gardens will leave one refreshed and the Kakamega forest will be a definite treat after a tour of the well manicured exuberant green tea estates.


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