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August 18, 2015 Nairobi, Kenya …….Some 240 students under KTDA Foundation National Tea Scholarship Programme have arrived Nairobi for a mentorship workshop that starts today and runs up to 22nd August.

The bright, needy students from tea growing zones will be positively counseled on matters of academics, how to avoid drugs and substance use, goal setting, stress management, self-esteem and sexuality during the five-day mentorship workshop. This exercise is hoped to fashion the students into responsible citizens at a time when juvenile delinquency is rampant amongst youths.

While receiving the students, Kenya Tea Development Agency (KTDA) National Chairman, Mr Peter Kanyago, said that education is an integral part of life that facilitates self-development, links academies to industry and provides real life solutions to problems facing the economy. He added that the mentorship programme will help the youngsters shun drugs and substance abuse which are a common phenomenon in schools today.

“This program will help raise the aspirations, motivation and educational achievements of the students and enable them avoid abusing drugs that have become synonymous with fashion in our schools today,” Mr Kanyago said. The Chairman reiterated that drugs have reduced many bright men and women to addicts and largely responsible for family feuds and disintegration.    

The sponsored students are studying in various secondary schools in the country and were selected on grounds that they are orphans or that their families are poor and unable to raise school fees. Beginning this year, the Foundation committed to sponsor 2 qualified but needy students from every tea catchment area for four years at public secondary schools. In 2015, 66 students were granted scholarships to join Form One, in addition to 174 who were already on an on-going sponsorship programme. The pioneer students are in form three.

KTDA Chief Executive Officer, Mr Lerionka Tiampati, said “KTDA is committed towards improving the lives of the small scale tea farmers and their dependents through education. The National Tea Scholarship Programme has been active since its formation in 2012 and will continue to thrive and support tea farmers to posterity.”   
Each year, the students are taken through an annual mentorship programme where they are mentored and taken through academic reviews, sessions on discipline and goal setting among other motivational activities. This means every student will have to be mentored four times before they sit for their Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education examinations.

According to the Ministry of Education, more than 200,000 Kenyan students miss out on opportunities to join public secondary schools annually, whereas others are unable to pay for fees due to abject poverty.

KTDA Foundation is the CSR arm of KTDA Holdings that champions activities aimed at improving the lives of the small scale tea farmers and their dependents across areas such as Environmental Sustainability, Health, Education and Economic Empowerment.

About KTDA Foundation
KTDA Foundation is a non- profit charity of the Kenya Tea Development Agency (Holdings) Limited. The Foundation was incorporated on 17th April 2010 under the Companies Act (Cap. 486) as a company limited by guarantee.

The Foundation’s key objective is to raise funds in Kenya and abroad to initiate and support programmes that improve the welfare of KTDA’s 560,000 small-holder tea farmers in Kenya and participate in other needy causes.

KTDA Foundation addresses social issues and strengthens livelihoods for smallholder tea farmers. The four pillars of the foundation are:
•    Environmental Sustainability
•    Education
•    Health
•    Capacity enhancement for Economic Empowerment

For further information, contact:

Jaki Mathaga
Manager- KTDA Foundation
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel: 020 3227920


KTDA Farmers Building, Moi Avenue
P.O Box 30213, 00100 Nairobi, Kenya    
254 - 020 3227000 - 2 / 2221441 - 4

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