How KTDA Determines Bonus Prices

KTDA (H) Group CEO Lerionka Tiampati

The Kenya Tea Development Agency (KTDA) this week released details of payments it is making to farmers for leaves delivered in the financial year ended June 2015.

This year’s Sh64 billion payout was a rise of 21 per cent above the Sh52 billion that the growers earned the previous year.

The Business Daily spoke to the agency’s managing director Lerionka Tiampati on the state of play in the industry and how it might close the current year.

What is your view of the performance you have just announced?

An upward spike in tea production the previous year led to a drastic fall in tea prices by up to 30 per cent, greatly impacting farmers’ earnings. In the year ended June 2015, performance significantly improved compared to the previous year.

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