KTDA Factory Receives Occupation Health and Safety Award

Kenya Tea Development Agency(KTDA) – managed Mununga Tea Factory received a certificate of recognition on Occupational Health and Safety Practice on 28th of April 2015. On this day, Kenya joined the rest of the world in marking the World Day Safety and Health at work. This is an important event observed worldwide to reflect on the prevention of accidents and illnesses that are likely to arise from work environments.

Mununga Tea Factory from Kirinyaga county was proud to participate in this year’s event. The event was organized and hosted by Ministry of Labor, Social Security and Services. A total of 12 entrants participated in the awards. The awards were divided into 3 sectors mainly: manufacturing, construction and horticulture.

The National Occupational Health and Safety Practice Awards is aimed at promoting safety and health at the workplace. It is awarded to enterprises that have demonstrated commitment to improving occupational safety and health standards at the work place.

Mununga Tea Factory, is located in Kirinyaga County and tucked miles away from the hustle and bustle of the city of Nairobi. The area is surrounded by tea gardens that are located in the vicinity of Mt. Kenya. The factory received 1 certificate for good Occupational Health and Safety Practice.

To enhance safety at the work place, the factory conducts risk assessments to ensure the safety and health of the employees. This is done by ensuring there is a health and safety management system that incorporates risk assessment, risk management and monitoring procedures.

This is a clear indication of KTDA’s commitment to health and safety at the work place. Tea factories are manufacturing plants that require constant monitoring and assessments to ensure there are minimal risks to employees, when it comes to health and safety.