KTDA Promotes Tea Drinking Culture

Singer Avril (Judith Nyambura Mwangi) with Kenya Tea Development Agency (KTDA) officials at the Kenya Tea Festival, 2015.

The Kenya Tea Development Agency Holdings (KTDA – H) was one of the players that promoted the Kenya Tea Festival, 2015.

The fun event, which took place at the Arboretum July 11 2015, attracted a number of tea producers and packers as well as tea fans who attended to the festival to sample different types of teas.

Dubbed “Swag ya Chai”, the tea festival was aimed at enabling tea players to interact with the general public and enlighten them on the health benefits of tea. It was also aimed at encouraging Kenyans to drink more tea to boost the tea industry through increased local consumption. The festival was organized by Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Authority (AFFA) – Tea Directorate.

Currently, Kenya consumes only five percent of the total tea produced in the country. The rest, 95 percent, is exported to overseas markets, mostly Arabic countries where tea is highly consumed.

“Arabs brew true tea – tea leaf and boiled water. No milk. No sugar. If sugar is needed, the Arabs use cubed sugar which is strategically stuck in the mouth throughout the drinking process to sweeten the true tea. Mostly, true tea is brewed and sold in the streets in take-away disposable cups. In fact, the Swahili word turungi originally came from the Arabs and was coined from the phrase true tea,” explains Mr. Vincent Mwingirwa, KTDA Quality Assurance and New Product Development Manager.

During the tea festival, the KTDA marketing department and Kangaita Tea Factory sampled specialty teas as KETEPA showcased its wide range of branded product.

“As a marketing promotional activity, the event was strategic in an effort to increase local tea consumption through this year’s theme: Swag ya Chai. We need to have more of these events in future,” Lucy Nyakiore, Manager, Marketing & Business Development said.

Local artists, Size 8 and Avril, graced the occasion and entertained tea drinkers as they sampled different types of tea. The event took place on July 11, 2015 between 8 am to 5 pm.