Our Subsidiaries

KTDA Holdings Ltd is an investment company that owns a number of subsidiaries. These have been set up as part of its business and product diversification strategy.

The subsidiaries are investments on behalf of the farmers. Dividends declared from profits made by these subsidiaries are paid to the tea factory companies through KTDA Holdings Ltd. The factories in turn pay dividends to farmers.

KTDA Management Services manages all processing companies through management agreements with the respective factories.

Ketepa is a leader in tea blending, packaging and distribution of high quality teas for local and overseas markets.

KTDA Foundation is a non-profit affiliate company that champions the corporate social responsibility activities of the group.

Chai Trading Company Ltd deal is warehousing, blending, trading and export of tea. It is based in Mombasa.

Majani Insurance Brokers Ltd provides a wide range of insurance brokerage services for all types of insurance covers.

Greenland Fedha Ltd is a micro-finance company that provides affordable credit to farmers.

KTDA Power Company Ltd invests in the energy sector and manages small hydro-power projects owned by factory companies.

TEMEC deals with the supply, erection and commissioning of all kinds of equipment required for tea processing for tea factories.

CHAI LOGISTICS CENTRE | NAIROBI Reliable Inland Container Terminal

 is one of the business divisions of Chai Trading Company Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of KTDA Holdings Limited.