KTDA Management Services Ltd on behalf of Gacharage Tea Factory Company invites tenders from interested firms/individuals for sale of the above agricultural land located in Ndovoini area Mananja area Machakos County and Mbeere in Embu County.
Size and Location
The property comprises of five land parcels located in different areas; Ndithi/Mananja Block 5/3 (41.66 Acres, Ndithi/Mananja Block 5/194 (19.98 Acres), Ndithi/Mananja Block 5/18 (85.63 Acres) all in Machakos County, Mbeti/ Gachuriri/2111-2116 (30.23 Acres), Embu/Mavuria/21 (44.46 Acres) in Embu County.
The parcels are situated in Ndovoini area Mananja – Machakos County and In Kangeta Area Gachuriri, sub-location and Gatumbiri Area – Muvuria sub-location in Embu County.
Interested eligible buyers may obtain tender documents with details from KTDA procurement office located at first floor of KTDA Farmers Building Moi Avenue Nairobi during working hours. Tender documents may also be requested upon payment by emailing: [email protected]