Celebrating World International Tea Day

As the world grapples with COVID-19 pandemic, at KTDA we have taken a number of steps to safeguard the welfare of our farmers, staff and customers by ensuring business continues uninterrupted even as we observe all safety and hygiene protocols.

The Government of Kenya has classified tea as an essential product, and as such it is important for the value chain to operate to enable farmers continue to pluck, factories process and the made tea transported to Mombasa where it is traded at the auction and exported to consumers worldwide.

To safeguard the health and safety of all those involved in this value chain, key measures (hand washing, observing social distance, wearing of face masks) are being strictly observed in buying centres, factories, warehouses and our other installations.

The pandemic has taken a toll on global tea markets, with lockdowns affecting supply and distribution chains. In Kenya, production has increased substantially due to sustained rainfall, with data showing that green leaf supply to KTDA-managed factories for the nine months to March had shot up by 20%, depressing tea prices to an all time low.

The challenging environment notwithstanding, management continues to make every effort to sustain activities in the smallholder tea sub-sector and ensure we all emerge from the current crises even stronger.

During this International Tea Day celebration, we’d like to assure all our stakeholders of our continued commitment to producing the best teas. Please remember to adhere to the government recommended protocols to guard against COVID-19, and as you stay at home, enjoy your favourite cup of tea.